Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Do you get enough sleep?

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Today I would like to address a topic that I personally find very interesting and helpful in means of concentration, memory improvement, and attentiveness. Today's discussion will be about sleep, its benefits, and how it can help you focus in you schoolwork and other daily jobs.
So, what benefits can you obtain from sleep?

Benefits of sleep:

1 - Sleep repairs your body

Sleep is known to help in many body factors. Teenagers who get more sleep are healthier and grow taller before reaching their young adult years. Sleep also strengthens your body and therefore it helps it fight infections; that's why it's recommended to stay in bed during any sorts of illness.

2 - Sleep helps in reducing stress

as we all know, after a very stressful and tiring day all we want to do is go to bed. Therefore if you do get the proper amount of sleep required, then you should be free of stress for good amount of time.

3 - Sleep improves you memory and concentration & increases creativity

Studying for a test? Deciding to pull an all-nighter? That's the last thing you should be doing. Sleep not only improves memory but it also helps in concentration! The best thing you can do is quickly revise everything before going to bed and in the most of the information should stick in your brain - your test results will prove that. Also, sleep greatly increases creativity by reorganising your brain and thinking more clearly.

4 - Sleep helps you lose weight

Since most of us teens care about our body weight, I can tell you that enough sleep helps you in staying in shape!!! Sleep regulates your hormones and therefore affects your appetite. If you don't sleep well, your hormones won't have time to organise themselves and your appetite for food will get higher. In this case you won't be craving for fruits and vegetables, but in stead you'll be craving for highly caloric foods that should be giving you energy during the day, while in stead all they do is add up the fats in your system.

5 - Sleep reduces grumpiness & lowers the risk of getting depression

As we all know, whenever we wake up from a bad night's sleep we turn out being very grumpy and moody. To prevent that from happening, all you have to do is go to bed earlier and sleep a good amount of time to wake up fresh and happy. In addition to all that, sleep lowers the risk of getting depression and thus contributes a happier life.

6 - You'll have a longer lifespan

When you sleep the required amount of times your immune system remains healthier and your mood gets better, hence increasing your lifespan.

Can't sleep? Here are some tips:

1 - Pour some milk in a cup. Add some honey and put it in the microwave until the milk is warm. Stir the honey and drink. Not only it makes you sleepy, but it's also delicious!

2 - Eat a banana. Bananas also help you in falling asleep faster.

3 - Don't let your worries get to you. Forget your problems and clear your head; then sleeping will be much easier.

4 - Make sure you're comfortable. If you're not comfortable, it's going to get harder for you to fall asleep.

5 - Don't drink coffee or any other caffeine before going to sleep. It's also best if you completely remove caffeine from your diet if you have problems sleeping.

6 - Avoid alcohol and nicotine

7 - Don't exercise at least 3 hours before going to bed since exercising awakes you.

8 - Don't take naps during the day.

9 - Take a warm bath before bed time. It relaxes you and makes you feel sleepy.

10 - Keep a bed time routine and make sure you follow it. Even though you might not feel sleepy it's best to go to bed when it's time to sleep.

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