Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What your music genre says about your personality

Hello everyone,

As we all know music has to exist in every teen's life. Whenever we are happy, we usually listen to cheerful pop music, yet when we're sad we're rather off with sad music that's equivalent to our mood. Hence, this has got my attention to the fact that each one of us should have our favourite music category, and due to this category I will be telling you what each one says about you and your personality!

If you enjoy:

Then you are:
You are a very creative and emotional person. You think before you make decisions and don't blurt out things that come first to your mind. You don't have very hard time making new friends and find engaging in social situations quite easy. You are also a very intelligent person but you'd rather stay home than go out and play sports. Sometimes you might seem a little introverted and shy but sooner or later you will realise that there's no point in that and you'll open up to your besties which will put off a lot of weight from your shoulder! Moreover, don't take things people say seriously and laugh it off. Don't let anyone put you down and if they do, laugh it off and move on with your life as if nothing happened.

If you enjoy:
Heavy Metal

Then you are:
You have a very strong personality even though you might not know it! You are also very hyperactive at times and you like it that way because when you're hyperactive you forget the problems around you and flow in moments of delight. You don't usually like to express your feelings too much and you prefer showing that you're tougher than you are; but take my advice - sometimes you have to open up to your close ones and people you trust. Also you are very creative and highly intelligent even though you might not believe that! You also usually tend to say things without thinking about them and that's one other thing you should work on. Try focusing on your softer side and express your emotions more openly either through writing, drawing, or anything else that will help you shake off the dead weight on you.

If you enjoy:
Hip Hop

Then you are:
You have a much higher self-esteem than you think! You like acting as the "tough one" but deep inside you really long for someone to talk and open up to. You like meeting new people and don't mind starting up a conversation. You have a close eye for details and you really like being abstract and coming up with new things. Generally, you are an honest and a cheerful person but as mentioned before you really long to open up to your friends when anything bothers you from time to time.

If you enjoy:

Then you are:
You are a hard working person. You don't give up easily on your goal and value the outcome of it. Sometimes you may appear as really shy and withdrawn, but when people get to know you better they will realise you are a completely different person. You are somewhat outgoing but sometimes you prefer some time of your own to get your thoughts straight. You long for having good friends you can depend on. You are a very curious person and like to know most things happening around you. You are passionate, kind, and loving and you strongly believe in fairness and equality among all people around you.

If you enjoy:

Then you are:
You are outgoing and courageous. You enjoy listening to people's opinions and helping others in need of your help. Sometimes you might fall into feelings of hopelessness and this music cures your completely! Generally you are a positive optimistic person and you don't allow anyone to overpower you and put you down. Sometimes you long for your friend's support in certain situations but in others it can be said you are completely independent and sovereign. You usually tend to start with new things, but when you realise it's useless you stop; and that's what you should work on. Don't lose hope in things and follow your dream!

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